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Although not included in the basic Bronze or Silver Packages, it is sometimes the case that some redecoration is needed to bring the premises back to an acceptable standard for sale or letting. ClearOut Services have a network of specialist, cost effective decorators who are local, sensitive to customer needs, and with a good track record of getting the job done on time and on budget. We will oversee their work to make sure they perform to customer expectations up to the level of minor remedial work so we can take the worry and you get the results.



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Clear Out Services and its partners have a policy of recycling whatever we can whenever we can to minimise landfill… MORE >>


Man’s shell shocker in house clearance

A man from Keighley was shocked to stumble upon an artillery shell while clearing out his late uncle’s house in Highfield. James Holmes, membership officer for Keighley’s Royal British Legion, said he was initially told the shell could be live. MORE >>