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Deep Cleaning

All work undertaken by ClearOut Services has the customer in mind. It is for that reason that we like to make sure that we leave the premises in a neat and clean way however big or small they may be, and that’s standard for us. We have noticed on some occasions that potential new tenants or owners are prevented from a viewing unless and until the premises are bought up to an acceptable “Showing Standard” beyond a basic clean. ClearOut Services realise that this could cause a costly delay to the customer and can offer a more thorough intensive cleaning operation before completion of the job. Either by specific task or in general we will Wash, Wipe, Vacuum, Steam Clean, Scrub and even Polish if that’s what the customer needs You just tell us to quote for it.



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Man’s shell shocker in house clearance

A man from Keighley was shocked to stumble upon an artillery shell while clearing out his late uncle’s house in Highfield. James Holmes, membership officer for Keighley’s Royal British Legion, said he was initially told the shell could be live. MORE >>