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Within the private sector successful Home and Office Letting Agents survive on their professional reputation and the ability to provide their clients with what they want and when they want it. This doesn’t just involve good advertising in the press or on a website but includes valuable knowledge of the market and how to get the best rewards for their clients’ property. The prompt removal of waste from premises allows the forward thinking Agent the best opportunity of getting it on the market as early as possible and enhances his reputation as being a leader in his field. Success invariably leads to greater success, a good thing for business.

Clear Out Services not only provides the Agent with a worry free service but he can demonstrate to his client that he is maximising their income stream by recommending the “Professionals Professional” and achieve it all in an ecologically sensitive and legally compliant manner. We are happy to provide you with information leaflets for display at your offices, and an account with us subject to status.



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Clear Out Services and its partners have a policy of recycling whatever we can whenever we can to minimise landfill… MORE >>


Man’s shell shocker in house clearance

A man from Keighley was shocked to stumble upon an artillery shell while clearing out his late uncle’s house in Highfield. James Holmes, membership officer for Keighley’s Royal British Legion, said he was initially told the shell could be live. MORE >>