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House Clearance

ClearOut Services provide a wide variety of packages to suit the discerning customer. The 4 basic packages, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond can be tailor made to cover the specific clearance requirements you have to make sure you get the actual service you want and don’t pay for what you don’t need. READ MORE >>.

Office Clearance

We offer a fast efficient clearance service that removes all desking, seating, cabinets, machines, paper and other waste and recycles as much as we can. Photographic evidence of before and after the Clear Out is electronically transmitted to the customer. READ MORE >>.

Deep Cleaning

Either by specific task or in general we will Wash, Wipe, Vacuum, Steam Clean, Scrub and even Polish if that’s what the customer needs You just tell us to quote for it. READ MORE >>

Garden Clearing

When asking for our quote ask us to include a garden clean up as well. This can include the removal of unsightly debris, hardcore and rubble, disused domestic and office appliances, and all sorts. READ MORE >>


ClearOut Services have a network of specialist, cost effective decorators who are local, sensitive to customer needs, and with a good track record of getting the job done on time and on budget. We will oversee their work to make sure they perform to customer expectations. READ MORE >>


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Clear Out Services and its partners have a policy of recycling whatever we can whenever we can to minimise landfill… MORE >>


Man’s shell shocker in house clearance

A man from Keighley was shocked to stumble upon an artillery shell while clearing out his late uncle’s house in Highfield. James Holmes, membership officer for Keighley’s Royal British Legion, said he was initially told the shell could be live. MORE >>