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What We Do

ClearOut Services use modern contemporary technology to expedite its quotation and billing process which is designed to assist customers and professionals alike. Our method takes the following logical steps to complete a job cycle to the high standards we set ourselves and what you the customer needs.

  • All Enquiries made by phone, e-mail, or to this website are recorded to ensure we have a good perception of your needs.
  • We arrange a site visit and digitally photograph all areas of the premises designated for clearance.
  • We then quote for the job according to the package required making sure we discount where possible for salvage and recycling.
  • The quotation is then transmitted electronically to the customer with photographic evidence and any suggestions in a file directly to the e-mail nominated.
  • When confirmed and instructed by the customer we proceed.
  • We clear out according to instructions, clean up and dispose of all waste and salvage.
  • We then take photos again of the cleared areas and electronically send the proof of completed work to the customer. A hard copy is also mailed and includes the certificate of disposal of waste and a copy invoice.

The seamless process does exactly what our company title says, a clear out service.



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